My sun.

The lights are off. I sit in the dark riding the crescendos of house and soul music. I sigh at this mundane music. Red wine so rich it’s almost black in my left hand. I take my time to admire the flitting glow as I swirl it before bringing it to my lips. A taste of darkness. Like the darkness before and inside me. A bit of burn too, either from the little ethanol or the weed prior am not sure. I sip again. This time its redness like Jasmine. I lick my lips and think maybe this is how demons enjoy their course of virgin blood. I chortle a laughter so metallic I doubted the voice was mine. Days of laughter are gone son of fate,you now, is a husk, I remind myself.

Am contradictory. I have always been. I mean an immortal whiskey could’ve been a better option right now but I opt for wine, why? Well, it’s the only edible thing around and this is my last glass.The last of my sun’s warmth. After this I fight. I kill. I wrestle against fate in attempt to rewrite destiny. I shake the last drops and down them. There’s still one left. I tilt the glass as high as possible but the stubborn surface tension is determined to keep this one. I laugh in derision. How low you have fallen son of fate. How low! I needed that drop. I had to get it. Not for satiation but to proof that I, at least, am able to not quit at something. I deep my middle finger and gingerly bring the drop now spread over my tip to my tongue. I don’t swallow, I just taste the emotions. They’re bitter. Darkness churn.

This drop among thousands of others once cohabited a bottle labeled prestigious and together costed a little fortune on their own. But still, somehow, she came to own both the bottle and the drops. My Annie. My sweet Annie. So radiant so full of energy it was infective. She was my sun. The stars in her eyes chased my demons away and for a time I felt human. For a time my smile could reach my eyes. For moments i had a mission that didn’t involve blowing brains or titles and conquest. Just pure happiness. Tenderness of a deer in love. In her presence I the mighty godking was unsure. Always careful not to dim my sun. For owns sake I could even massacre a myriad planes for her. Sin? Who cares as long as my sun is shinier? But then she full of life loved life. So I quit bloodshed and the fight for the prime throne and descended to this particle world to live undisturbed under the radiance of my sun. Most were ecstatic moreso my elder brother. My parents very disappointed and the realms downcast but I didn’t care. I had my sun.

My Annie was forgetful. I always forgot that she was forgetful. Nothing that I couldn’t fix as I was able to lord even over the heavenly laws but I couldn’t bring my blood soaked hands and power to change her. Most importantly,my sun was radiant and perfect. She had forgotten that I got to taste everything before she does. My only rule in the house. Not paranoia, I’d just seen and experienced too much. My carefree soul took a long swig straight out of the bottle after uncorking before smacking her lips in satisfaction. She was lost in taste for a minute. ‘Heavenly!’ She exclaimed. If only she knew how right she was. My butterfly skipped over and knocked the almost burnt out stick of weed off my lips before grinding it with her heel while glaring at me. I awkwardly smiled. Not that such a mundane intoxicant could get me high but I was just trying to be normal. She passed me the wine and my guts churned. My instincts are never wrong. Down the death road, I owe my survival to my acute instincts. My divine sense swept through the wine down to its quantum levels but it was still wine all through. A bit excess in water. Mundane all through. Seeing my sun eying me suspiciously I took a swig and complimented how sweet it was(bleeeh! it’s only because it was you who gave it to me otherwise heads will be rolling). She beamed. My sun is a woman afterall.

“Am going to plant some seeds I received today. Peach blossoms.” She half-talked half-ran to the garden. My instincts yanked chains again. “May I see the seeds? I have never really seen peach blossoms seeds Anny.” I wasn’t lying. Things of the mundane. They were seeds all through. I added a bit of spirituality into them to make sure they grow well. It’s my sun planting them after all. Two days later they germinated. Five days later the stalk  was a foot tall. Seven days later they budded. Nine days later the peach blossom under the watch of my Anny blossomed and my sun was no more.

Her eyes were blank. Her soul had been snuffed off her. I raged. The earth trembled the heavens wailed. Space fluctuated so fiercely it started cracking. Temporal law was in disorder but her body and garden remained perfectly unharmed. The rage of a godking. A terrible godking. Who did it? Who had the guts? My killing intent leaked out a bit and all life in this mundane planet was extinguished. I examined the flower. It was a peach blossom but it had seven colours flashing in its core. A terrible thought came to mind. It had mutated to a variation of a soul bewitching flower! But how in this mundane land? A soul bewitching flower and any intoxicant is deadly even in the heavenly planes. She had just had her daily swig. I crushed it. This revealed an immortal concealing formation in its core which had sealed the flower’s essence and disguised the seed such that I wasn’t able to recognize them. My bastard elder brother. He’s the only one in the planes gifted with an immortal concealing formation in the hall of gods. I had never hated someone as much. I left the prime throne for your taking why are you so intent to arouse my anger? When angry i even fear myself and now I was raging.

I carefully kept her body as tears streamed off me. An apalling sight that could astound planes. The embodiment of slaughter and destruction crying! Never heard of. “I vow to you and creation to kill everyone involved in your death, and the day I surpass life and death I will break the reincarnation cycle to revive you,” my hoarse voice rang out. I returned to our house now seemingly lifeless rolled up weed and smoked as I took in everything careful not to forget a thing. A tear crept of me. I poured myself wine.

My gaze pierce through space to land on the prime plane. With a flick of a finger I open a space channel. ‘ It’s time to kill,’ I mutter my eyes cold and indifferent as I step into the channel and cross billions of light years distance to prime plane in just a few moments. Descent of wrath.


I could’ve said a star rises from the north but am a dark star. My brilliance is hidden under my covertness. I don’t aspire to be an hero as I don’t believe anyone is. I want to be the hand in the dark. The cosmos in my palm, my will eternal. Be proud of your luck. For you are witnessing the advent of a supreme. This is the start of the journey of I, Darknorth.